Active B Solutions – Your Sophos Cybersecurity Expert

At Active B Solutions, we take pride in being an authorized partner of Sophos, a world leader in innovative cybersecurity solutions.

Sophos Solutions – Next-Gen Cybersecurity Tailored for You

In today’s digital landscape, staying ahead of evolving cyber threats is crucial. As an authorized Sophos partner, Active B Solutions delivers top-tier cybersecurity solutions designed for comprehensive digital protection.

Our Sophos Product Range

Sophos XG Firewall: Experience advanced network protection with real-time threat intelligence. The XG Firewall offers features like Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Advanced Threat Protection, and cloud-based reporting, ensuring your network is safeguarded against the latest cyber threats.

Sophos Intercept X:

 With Intercept X, benefit from revolutionary endpoint protection that utilizes deep learning technology. It provides powerful defense mechanisms against ransomware, zero-day attacks, and other sophisticated threats.

Sophos Central: 

Manage all your Sophos products effortlessly with Sophos Central. This integrated platform simplifies security management, providing clear visibility and control over your security infrastructure.

Sophos Email Security: 

Shield your communication with Sophos Email Security. This comprehensive solution filters out spam, phishing attempts, and malicious content, ensuring safe and secure email communication.

Sophos Mobile Security: 

Protect and manage your mobile devices with Sophos Mobile Security. From threat defense to data protection, it ensures your mobile workforce remains secure, wherever they are.

Why Active B Solutions Stands Out

Certified Expertise: 

As a holder of the Sophos Certificate of Authorization, we are recognized for our expertise and reliability in delivering Sophos solutions.

Personalized Consultation: 

Our team works closely with you to understand your unique business challenges, offering customized Sophos solutions that align with your specific needs.

Dedicated Support:

We provide comprehensive support and maintenance for all Sophos products, ensuring your cybersecurity infrastructure operates seamlessly.

Competitive Advantage:

With Active B Solutions, gain access to the latest Sophos technologies at competitive prices, maximizing your investment.

Secure Your Business with Sophos and Active B Solutions

Embrace robust cybersecurity with Sophos. Contact Active B Solutions today to explore how we can fortify your digital assets. View our Certificate of Authorization to see our official partnership recognition.